Tinnitus Treatment

Understanding Tinnitus Treatment Options

When you have tinnitus, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan will guide you on every step of your treatment, including a complete evaluation to determine the best course of action, counseling, and treatment.

I think I have tinnitus. What do I do first?
Do you have symptoms for tinnitus? The most common sign of tinnitus is hearing sounds that there are no external causes for. These sounds can include roaring, buzzing, ringing, clicking, and hissing. If you experience these symptoms you can have an Audiologist give you a full evaluation. There are many possible causes for tinnitus, including earwax blockage, hearing loss due to aging, and exposure to loud noise. In rarer cases, tinnitus can be caused by blood vessel disorders or by side effects from medication. No matter the cause of your problems, getting an evaluation is essential for determining your potential tinnitus treatment.

What tinnitus treatment options are available?
The wide variety of causes of tinnitus means that there are several different tinnitus treatment options.

If your problem is caused by impacted earwax, for example, an earwax removal can relieve the symptoms. Likewise, tinnitus caused by medication might simply involve working with your doctor to change your prescription.

However, in some cases you may need a hearing aid or masking device.

What is the difference between a hearing aid and a masking device? How will they help with my tinnitus?
Hearing aids amplify the sounds you hear and help mitigate the symptoms of hearing loss. If you have tinnitus as well as loss of hearing, the amplification of the noise around you can mask the sounds caused by tinnitus.

Masking devices don’t amplify sound; they create a different sound that covers the sound caused by tinnitus. They usually produce natural sounds, such as white noise, but some also allow you to play music.

Some masking devices are worn in the ear, like a hearing aid. Others are external machines, similar to a loudspeaker.

If you are looking for tinnitus treatment options, contact Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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