Your hearing is important, but when you aren’t able to pick out sounds or voices well, it can cause frustration and confusion. Whether you have difficulty listening to a voice in a loud room, need a repair for your audio aide device, or are looking for customized products, you need someone who can provide excellent hearing care solutions. Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan can help you identify your issues, assist you with a hearing aid or listening device, treat tinnitus, and provide customized protection for your hearing.

Hearing Evaluations

The first step in providing hearing care solutions is a complete evaluation. Using-state-of-the art equipment, our technicians will evaluate your auditory range and discuss the results with you. We offer many solutions for a variety of ear related concerns.

Hearing Aid Services and Repair

If you require a hearing aid, our audiologists can offer suggestions. We provide many products from leading manufacturers at the forefront of hearing research and technology.

Is your listening aid not working correctly? Custom earmold broken? We service most makes and models of hearing aids. Don’t worry if you didn’t purchase them from our office, we are happy to assist you with any hearing care issues.


Most people have experienced a temporary ringing in the ears, but for some people, that noise might be tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear). Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan can evaluate the condition to treat your symptoms.

Listening Devices

Even with a hearing device, it might be difficult to listen to the TV or phone. If you are struggling to hear in certain situations, We can help you find the right device.

Custom Protection Devices

Protecting your hearing is just another service we offer, with devices like colorful swim plugs that keep water from entering your ear canal, as well as custom earpieces for your phone or MP3 player. Stop in to find out more about our custom hearing protection devices.

Your hearing is important. That’s why Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan is here to help. Call our office, or stop by for an appointment.

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