Hearing Aid Repair

girl putting in her hearing aidDespite their small size, hearing aids contain many sophisticated parts and perform a multitude of advanced functions every day. They are often exposed to moisture, ear wax, and hair products, and can be damaged in all kinds of mishaps. If your hearing aid isn’t working properly or your custom ear mold is broken or doesn’t fit well, Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan can help.

We service most makes and models of hearing aid, including ReSound and Phonak. If you purchased your hearing aid somewhere else, don’t despair—we are happy to assist you with any hearing care issues you may have.

How To Troubleshoot Your Hearing Aids

Depending on the issue you’re having, you may be able to troubleshoot your hearing aid yourself. Try these common fixes before bringing your hearing aids in for service:

  • Check or replace the battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aids
  • Clean your hearing aids (replace filter if applicable)
  • Inspect the tubing of BTE (behind-the-ear) models

How To Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids

Keep hearing aids clean. Because hearing aids are such small devices, it’s easy for debris to become trapped in tiny crevices and holes. It’s important to clean your hearing aid daily with a cleaning brush and/or cloth.

Keep your ears clean. Ear wax is completely natural and necessary, but it can become lodged in ports, spaces and even block microphones. Clean ears with a washcloth daily. Never use a cotton swab to clean your ears.

Keep hearing aids dry. Bathe or shower before putting your hearing aids in for the day. Take them out when engaging in water activities. At night, open the battery compartment and remove the batteries to let them air out.

How Much Does Hearing Aid Repair Cost?

If your hearing aid is still under warranty, your repair costs will most likely be covered. Older models that require substantial repairs may cost more. If it is damaged beyond repair, our experienced Audiologists will help you find a specialized solution to fit your listening needs.

Contact Us For Hearing Aid Repair In Traverse City, MI

If you are looking for hearing aid repair in Traverse City, MI, our knowledgeable hearing care team is committed to providing compassionate, top-quality service to all our patients. To learn more about hearing aid repair and the additional services we offer, please contact Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan today!

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