A Patient’s Story…

“I heard a crystal clear human voice for the first time in years,
Maybe decades”

Hearing Solutions Patient Ted Smith Tells Story

Ted W. Smith

Q&A with Ted Smith

  1. When/how did you realize you had a hearing problem?
    It’s difficult to estimate how long I struggled with hearing loss because it happens so gradually. I know that I was asking my wife, family, and staff for repetition for many years. I first sought help in 2003, I estimate that I had been experiencing significant hearing loss for ten to fifteen years.
  2. What made you decide it was time to do something about it?
    I was twenty years into my second career as a pastor, and couldn’t understand most of what was said to me on a daily basis! Asking for remarks to be repeated over and over again is embarrassing, especially when your career involves listening and then responding appropriately.
  3. How did you decide on/find the Audiologist at Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan?
    Unfortunately, before meeting the doctors at Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan, I had received a lot of misinformation and had become skeptical of my ability to find help. In 2008, I discovered Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan and saw that it was a local business! I liked that.
  4. What happened when you went to Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan?
    Dr. Leahy and Dr. Sawhill were very encouraging from the outset. They said that my problem was not as complicated as I had previously been led to believe….and assured me that I would hear again.
  5. When you got your hearing aids, what was your reaction?
    The audiogram that Dr. Leahy performed showed significant hearing loss. She fitted me with two hearing aids, adjusted them by computer, then held a clipboard in front of her mouth (to prevent lip reading) and asked me what I had for breakfast. My eyes filled with tears as I answered. I heard a crystal clear human voice for the first time in years…maybe decades.
  6. How are you benefitting from better hearing/maximizing your hearing potential?
    Immediately I found myself able to stay “on track” in office and family conversations. My staff observed that I was a different person, more engaged and energetic. I was once again feeling alive!
  7. What is your best advice to someone who is having hearing difficulty?
    Do not wait. If you are acknowledging difficulty hearing….or if your spouse or family is telling you that you have a
    hearing problem, get help! Your situation will not get better left unattended.

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